Her Storm

If she leaves a mark at all

You won’t notice it.

I didn’t.

It was like the ring left

On a saucer after a weak cup

Of coffee.

I could see through the mark,

But I couldn’t pretend it wasn’t there.

I don’t think I’d want to anyway.


She confused me.

She used all the wrong words

To describe a sunset.

I wanted to travel to where her eyes wandered.

I wanted to see the light bend

Across the atmosphere with

Her rose-colored glasses.

I wasn’t ready.

She was like a storm

I watched on the news

And everyone who knew better

Warned me that I’d better not

Go near her.

She was a gale force wind

For which I was not prepared.

No one understood though

That I would gladly have let her

Flood my Main Street

Undermine the foundations to

My most hallowed halls

Break down all my walls

Until the swell of her

Swept me away.

But I never ventured into her storm.

She never let me in.



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