Lonely Duck

Several weeks ago, I got coffee with a friend we’ll call Brian. Brian is a really cool guy who has a knack for reading people and understanding them. I imagine that comes in handy in his work, as he’s in the mental health field.


I told him about my love life, or lack thereof, and about how not long prior to this meeting I’d been texting with this really fascinating woman with whom I’d connected via one of those free dating sites. Let’s call her Eliza. Eliza is smart and engaging in conversation. She has interesting thoughts and doesn’t mind following me down the rabbit trails of weird ideas. Unfortunately, she has this habit of falling off the face of the earth. We might talk off and on for days, then I’ll send a message or three over the course of a couple days and hear nothing back. She says it’s because she’s an introvert. It frustrates me.


Brian listened to all this and said “Mm-hmm” at the appropriate moments. Then, he made a point.


“You’re kind of an odd duck,” he said. “Do you know what I mean by that? I don’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you, just that you’re different from other people in a way that not everyone is going to understand you.”


I do understand that, and I told him so.


“You’re going to have to find another odd duck for you and the other person to be happy.”


Eliza is currently missing from the earth, or at least my portion of it. I texted her today, and I didn’t hear back. I haven’t heard back for ten days.  Whenever I do hear from her, I wonder if this time she’ll stick around for awhile. She hasn’t in some time now; we’ve been communicating for over a year now.


I know that the rational response is to drop her like a bad habit.  


She said I intrigue her.


I feel like she gets me. I hope she decides to talk to me again and stay around for a while. 


I’m kind of a lonely duck.  


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